Kitchen Splashbacks

Your kitchen splashback protects your wall from oil, grease, splashes or whatever else might be coming from your taps, stove and counters. However, when it comes to splashbacks, it’s not just about protection and looks. Design is a hugely important part of picking the right splashback. We offer a number of different beautiful materials, each creating its own unique effect in your kitchen.

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Created by Laminex, the Metaline splashback is crafted using an advanced fire-retardant aluminium composite panel. Complete with high gloss paint, these splashbacks combine safety and style in one heat and water-resistant package. You can use it behind sinks, gas and electric cooktops and more. Check out the Metaline website to learn more.


A brilliant option for kitchen splashbacks, mosaic tiles are at once timeless and contemporary. These small tiles are laid in sheet form to create stunning effects. However, you should be aware that they do come with a great deal of grout to keep clean.


Sleek and seamless, with unlimited colour options and easy cleaning, glass splashbacks come with a lot to love. These are some of the most elegant and versatile kitchen splashback options.


Open up your kitchen and create an illusion of endless space with a mirror splashback. Today’s mirror splashbacks use the best technology to eliminate watermarks and other defects, creating a smooth, solid reflective surface.

Akril – Nover

Brilliant Akril by Nover is an environmentally-conscious splashback material that comes in a wide range of colours and designs. You can truly let your imagination run wild to create the perfect environment for your home or office.

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